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Viral video: Concord man seen erasing word ‘Black’ from neighbor’s BLM chalk sign – KGO-TV

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) — For three days, Concord resident Manette Sharick says she was trying to figure out who had been erasing the word “Black” from her Black Lives Matter chalk sign.

“Writing with chalk on a sidewalk is causing no harm or damage to the community. If you disagree that’s fine but don’t damage what was written on a sidewalk on somebody else’s home. All you have to do is keep walking,” said Sharick.

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Sharick’s video surveillance caught a neighbor pouring water on her signs. Sharick came out of her home to confront the man.

“I was upset because it wasn’t the first time that it happened. I caught him when he did it for the fourth time,” said Sharick.

In the video the neighbor who only wants to be identified by his first name, Jim says, “If you want to do it in other neighborhood then fine.”

Sharick: “This is my house.”

Jim: “Then write on your driveway”

Sharick: “It doesn’t matter where I write it. It’s in front of my house”

The heated altercation between two neighbors was posted yesterday and has since gone viral.

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In video Jim asked Sharick, “Can we have a discussion?”

“No,” she replied. “Why? Bcause you are erasing something my daughter drew on the ground.”

We spoke to Jim over the phone who explained the reasoning behind his actions.

“I was only pouring across the word Black because I believe that all lives matter. I don’t care what nationality, sexual orientation or any of that, we are all human beings,” said Jim.

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As to others calling him racist, Jim said, “No I’m not a racist. The only reason I did that because I thought someone was tagging his house with racist thoughts. Do you think the phrase BLM is a racist phrase? I think in the beginning when it started it had good intensions, but I think it’s been hijacked.”

Sharick says she wanted to teach her three-year-old daughter about the movement, but wasn’t anticipating for anyone in her neighborhood to retaliate against them.

“I had never experienced anything like this in my neighborhood since I’ve lived here since 1993,” said Sharick.

The altercation has now being viewed more than 40,000 times and now others neighbors are also writing BLM on their sidewalk.

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