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Creating a healthy, healing environment for our family is so important as we navigate the stress and anxiety of this time. We also know that 75% of the immune system are the result of environmental and lifestyle factors. Create a healing home by reducing toxicity and activating the bodies senses in a positive way.

Sound is a key player when it comes to changing our mood. The interesting thing with sound is that it doesn’t rely on the other senses. Humans can listen to music with eyes closed or shut. There can be no touch, no smell present and yet the sounds can still be heard. In fact isolating the sounds we hear can magnify the impact it has.

Playing music throughout the house or rooms can change mood. When the day is stressful or anxious play music that makes you feel good. Choose songs with a beat that is uplifting in your opinion. Create a playlist of songs for different types of emotions. A “pumped up” playlist for building inner confidence and a playlist of music that sets a light hearted tone when you feel anxiety coming on. Playlists and music can set the mood for others in your home as well. When throwing a dinner party keep the music going to set the mood. Festive tunes for a holiday party or girl power music for a ladies night. Youtube has extended playlists already made for everything from café music to smooth elevator tunes that last for hours. Spend time creating and curating music for the soundtrack of your life.

To relax and feel at peace, sounds found in nature have great power. Windy meadow, thunderstorm or ocean waves can be played for hours. Nature sounds transport the body and our head space to a different environment. Think of a place where you feel calm and happy and find a sound that reflects that place. The sound of water in general can also help with relaxation. For meditation play ambient sounds. When going to bed, start the wind down process with sounds that are relaxing. Amazon Alexa has a “Sleep Sounds” skill that can play for hours. The beauty of sound is that it can put us at ease for an endless amount of time.

When the world seems to be moving past you, take a breath and listen for sounds that can make it calm again.

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