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Students must learn to walk in their own shoes, especially when it comes to social media – San Bernardino County Sun

Social media has had a significant impact on our lives. There are times we may agree or disagree with what we see or hear, especially when our friends and foes speak, and we have a habit of “liking” what some say and too often we make derogatory comments when we disagree.

I cannot assume I know how to walk in your shoes but I can share how I walk in mine, especially when it comes to social media.

Let me tell you, first, my experiences are limited. I only do Facebook and almost never look at messages that are sent to me. I made the decision that I would not let social media monopolize my time, as it is important to me to choose what to read and write when it comes to personal opinions.

I make it my responsibility to respect and appreciate family members, friends and acquaintances. I also understand that I do not need to respond to every comment made to me or about me. I also feel comfortable knowing my readers understand and respect my wishes.

While walking in my shoes, I understand that social media is not the place I want people to know my personal business but instead, a place that I can rely on to share good news about myself and others.

It is the place that I post my article every Friday in The Sun so that students and their families can read what other students are accomplishing in the area. I am aware that I do not share the same opinions as everyone else and respect others for being themselves; however, I expect people to not judge others based on their beliefs. We all live in a country where we can sing, dance, think, act, and be different without being fearful.

Finally, as I continue to walk in my shoes, I expect others to judge me by my character and not how you think I should be based on the norms of others who do not share the same philosophy. I fully understand that shoes come in all sizes, shapes, colors and designs. The same is true with human beings.

Your task from this day forward is to learn how to walk in your own shoes and make sure you do not step on others while doing so.

I hope my words can be used to inspire students. Now it’s time to make good decisions while comments and conversations on social media continue. You will always be known by what you say but also by what you should not have said.

This is my reminder for all to use all forms of media to impact people and make a positive difference in their lives. You can only do that after learning to walk in your own shoes.

Margaret Hill is a member of the San Bernardino City Unified School District board.


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