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Ever seen leaf insects? Viral video makes Twitter ask if these are real-life Pokemon – India Today

There are a lot of species that we still do not know about or have very little information about. And sometimes, videos and images of these not-so-known species go viral on the internet, and we cannot help but marvel at the creation of mother nature.

A similar video of insects that look exactly like a leaf has been going viral on the internet. A Twitter account that goes by the name, Nature Is Lit shared the aforementioned clip with the caption, “Leaf insect’s mimicry to nature.”

The 26-second-video shows six leaf insects moving on a person’s hand. The best part is that all the leaf insects are of different colours showcasing various colours of a leaf through seasons. Even the limbs of the insects look like leaves.

On the first look, nobody can figure out if it is a leaf or an insect. Walking leaf or leaf insects belong to the Phylliidae family. They are the best camouflage in the entire animal kingdom. They are found from South Asia to Australia. Their look saves them from predators.

A Twitter user, in the comments section, shared a picture of a grasshopper that looks exactly like a leaf.

Twitter was amazed at the video and the comments on the thread are testimony to that.

The video went viral as soon as it was shared. It was viewed over 32k times and retweeted 555 times as well.

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