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Well something weird did happen near reset today in Destiny 2, just not what I was hoping for.

The most significant change to the game today didn’t actually happen right at 1 PM ET reset, but some time this morning.

Some of the music in the game seems to have changed. Most notable is the music playing at the Tower, which sounds a lot more foreboding and menacing than before. Even as someone who plays with music off 90% of the time, I can easily tell the difference.

I have heard other reports of Io music and Tangled Shore music being different, but I don’t know those tracks well enough to say for sure. Having been to both, I wouldn’t say either sounds particularly…gloomy like the Tower music.

UPDATE: I have found the Almighty in the Skybox. It is in the sun at a very specific time of day. It is very hard to see but it is definitely there.

Original article follows below:

I though that maybe the Tower had gotten new music in advance of something, anything happening today, like say, for the millionth time, the Almighty looming in the Skybox in the horizon. And yet again, I checked the Tower, the EDZ, the Farm and the Moon and no Almighty anywhere. This is the second to last reset in this entire season, so I think it’s probably just not going to happen, which is a huge missed opportunity and truly annoying because Destiny…did change the skybox this season for other reasons! Rasputin’s towers can now be seen everywhere across Io, the moon and the EDZ. And we can’t have the Almighty in the skybox so we can see that it’s a threat?

From a “science” perspective, if the Almighty is going fast enough to get from Mercury to Earth in a few months, I can see how maybe we wouldn’t see it until the last possible minute. And yet I think this is a huge missed opportunity where the Almighty could have suffered “engine failure” or something and drifts slowly toward us throughout the season, but it’s just so huge we can’t stop it anyway, even if it’s slow. It would approach like Majora’s Mask’s moon or like Fortnite’s comet, and we would remember that oh yeah this thing is going to crash into us at some point.

Now, I don’t know what happens. Presumably we will destroy, or fail to destroy the Almighty in a cutscene, and yet I find it weird that wouldn’t have leaked yet if that was the case. And then there’s that weird glitch where the Tower appears damaged in one part, but I am genuinely out of guesses at this point. Suffice to say the lack of Almighty feeling like any kind of actual threat this season has been yet another reason Worthy is lacking overall.

Elsewhere, the only consistent change week to week is the pyramid dots moving in the bunkers, and move they have. They are now passing Uranus (hold your jokes) on the way to Saturn and Titan. The leaked cutscene we have seen in the game shows them around Jupiter, so it’s possible maybe Saturn is like, on the other side of the sun or something and they don’t run into it or Titan. And it makes sense if we are believing rumors that Europa, a moon of Jupiter, is our first battleground with the Pyramids this fall. Or if that Io, another moon of Jupiter, may end up being destroyed.

I have been kind of bummed to keep expecting bigger changes to the game every week and almost always being let down by pretty much nothing at all. Something literally has to happen next week at reset, though perhaps Bungie is saving something for a rare Friday reveal, which they did with Saint-14 showing up in the Tower that one time, so who knows.

I am exhausted with this season in every way possible. Time to move on.

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