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Social Media Platform Leavemark Invites Families To Organize Their Memories – Forbes

Leavemark, a new social media platform, isn’t looking to play matchmaker or promote a product. It doesn’t want its users to make a political statement or show off photos of their lunches. It certainly doesn’t concern itself with the Coronavirus. It only wants everyone to remember.

Calling itself the first ad-free data storage and social media hybrid app, Leavemark enables users to save and share important moments, images, memories and documents, — making them available now or in the future. Its designers intend it to become the place where users, their friends and families stay connected and share with a more intimate circle of people with enhanced privacy.

Serving as a sort of memory vault or time capsule with added social media features to organize and preserve important content, Leavemark’s own description promises the platform does not data mine. It also will not sell personal information or incorporate advanced algorithms designed to push unsolicited content or messages.

Leavemark’s designers realize people often store their virtual artifacts haphazardly as they come along. That can lead to too many storage spots with lost passwords or lost treasure troves of memories. The new service offers a free storage plan with a selection of upgrade packages for different tiers of storage capacity, so users can grow their virtual vault capacity as events evolve and expand. While there are many other online storage options and social media platforms, Leavemark wants to be the first service to archive memories while allowing users to share and organize their entire collection as they see fit.

Leavemark allows for online Time and Space Capsules. In his mode, users set information to release at a future time from days to years. Memories or records can also become available when a user comes within range of a set location.

The Family Tree feature allows users to share information with future generations, ensuring family or group highlights are saved for unlimited recall. The Newsfeed feature provides a controllable chronological feed option, allowing the deletion of posts after a certain time and the blocking of sensitive topics such as religion or politics.

Leavemark’s social media features include Direct Messaging to stay in touch with family and friends concerned with the memories preserved. The service is currently in Beta, with the app available for iOS devices at the App Store.

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