Next door neighbors use music to spread joy –

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21)- Two next door neighbors are spreading a little joy during this difficult time.

Michael Morrissery and Susan Stephens had an idea to have a mini concert every night outside their homes.

“It’s just important to us to give people a chance to maybe have something to look forward to. Have a smile, enjoy a little music and gather here at a safe distance from each other and gather a little bit,” Morrissey said.

They both have a love for music so they thought why not make some together?

“We both play in different bands and I didn’t have a musician to play with and he didn’t have a singer to sing with so we thought we’d come out and social distance play some music together,” Stephens said.

As they play outside other neighbors gather around at a safe distance.

“We’re a pretty close knit group around here a lot of us so its just nice to spend a little time together and just have something to do,” Stephens said.

The two say these mini concerts have given them the chance to share their love for music making with everyone especially during these rough times.

“Music for me anyway it just holds a special place in my heart and I think it does for a lot of people. So by being able to play a little music at night hopefully that will be able to bring some comfort to people,” Morrissey said.

They say it provides comfort and a little something to do.

“It’s just something to look forward to its kind of keeping us on a schedule a little bit because its really easy to get out of schedule and just laze around and watch netflix all day so its just giving us something to do and something to share with the neighbors,” Stephens said.

The two plan to have the mini concerts every night at 7pm outside their homes on the 400 block of Sherwood Terrace.

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