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Viral Video Of Reporter Fleeing Bison Herd Inspires Funniest Memes – NDTV News

Viral Video Of Reporter Fleeing Bison Herd Inspires Funniest Memes

Deion Broxton’s reaction to a bison herd has been turned into a meme.

A video going massively viral online shows the moment a TV reporter was forced to cut short the segment he was filming and run to safety as a herd of bison began approaching him. Deion Broxton was reporting live from Yellowstone National Park for KTVM on Wednesday when he realised he was standing too close for comfort to the large animals, reports Today. His reaction to the herd has now inspired a ton of hilarious memes on social media. 

Mr Broxton’s camera was rolling when he saw the bison herd at Yellowstone National Park in USA. “Oh my god,” he was heard saying on camera, looking extremely worried. “Oh no, I’m not messing with you,” he continued saying as he quickly made his way back to the safety of his vehicle. 

The 27-year-old reporter later tweeted a video of the incident on Twitter, where it has gone viral with a whopping 10 million views. “There was a herd of bison walking right toward me,” he wrote while sharing the 18-second clip.

He soon followed it up with a video of the bison herd, which can’t be seen in the first video. 

While the video left many amused, collecting nearly 4 lakh ‘likes’ on the microblogging platform, it was Mr Broxton’s worried expression that was quickly turned into a meme by Twitter users:

“They always say, ‘Stay at least 25 yards away from mammals,'” Mr Broxton said in an interview with The Baltimore Sun. “But that bison broke the 25-yard barrier and I was like, ‘Uhhh, I’m not dealing with this!'”

Which of these memes made you laugh out loud? Let us know using the comments section. 

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