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How the Influencer Marketing Industry is Reacting to Coronavirus – Talking Influence

The global outbreak of COVID-19 quickly caused disruption for influencer marketers. With teams now adjusting to working from home as offices shut, advertising budgets have been frozen, and industry events postponed or cancelled altogether, the influencer marketing industry has been quick to react and adapt.

In response to the pandemic, the industry has banded together and shifted their strategies, messaging and content to highlight how vital human-to-human influencer marketing content is as audiences look to creators as a source of relevant information and much-needed entertainment.

Here’s a run-down of the smart campaigns, ideas, and offerings the leaders in the industry have launched in order to raise awareness of the pandemic and engage with their peers and audiences on a deeper level during this time of great distress.


Whalar is introducing Whalar From Home, a new series of live video events to support the industry by providing resources to help brands and marketers effectively navigate influencer marketing during these testing times.


Viacom partnered with the Ad Council to launch AloneTogether, a social campaign about social distancing in order to communicate the importance of social distancing at such a crucial time. The campaign includes a set of mobile ads that encourage people to stay home, regardless of whether or not they have symptoms. Each ad includes the hashtag #AloneTogether and the following message: “We’ll be here to keep you company.”


Influencer agency Takumi launched a multimarket pro-bono campaign across TikTok and Instagram to protect public health. The campaign is running in the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain will help drive awareness and spread positively during this time.

The campaign is split into two executions.

  • #SafeHands – this initiative will raise awareness of the World Health Organisations protection measures against Covid-19 and highlight what influencers can do for 20 seconds whilst washing their hands e.g. playing keeping the ball off the ground etc.
  • Protect your mental health – given that the public is being advised to stay at home, this activation will ensure that anyone following social distancing measures is kept in the loop with the latest coronavirus updates and advised the best tips to protect their mental health during this period


Tailify has launched a WhatsApp community where they’ll be releasing daily advice for brands and companies trying to navigate through these times. They have also partnered with the World Health Organization to deliver relevant messages to audiences.


CreatorIQ has launched an industry hub to share useful resources and powerful initiatives. It includes what big social platforms have created for the industry, ideas around employee support and thoughts on how influencer marketing will change.

Talent Village

Talent Village has launched the global movement #BreakTheVirus to battle COVID-19 by helping people stay at home. The creators will entertain audiences by performing new songs they wrote, sharing some acting tips, running a painting class or even teaching new recipes. Audiences have been invited to share skills they have by using the #BreakTheVirus hashtag. They can nominate three friends to take up the challenge too. A swipe up link will also be available for donations to the Covid-19 Response fund.

Digital Voices

YouTube influencer marketing agency Digital Voices is calling on YouTubers who have lost work as a result of the health crisis to get in touch so Digital Voices can match them with existing brand sponsorship campaigns the agency has. They are also running interactive online advice sessions every fortnight, offering tips and advice for how YouTubers can grow their audiences and also how they can work with brands during these troubled times. 

As part of the scheme, Digital Voices is also urging YouTubers to incorporate COVID-19 public health messaging in their broadcasts to help ensure the YouTube community is helping to urge people to stay at home and stop the spread of the virus.

Tagger Media

Tagger Media is offering free chats for a week for anyone that has questions around influencer reporting, measurement, analysis, and influencer vetting. Hit Ana Thorsdottir up if you want a helping hand.


Influencity has launched the solidarity #yomequedocontigo initiative to give voice and visibility to small businesses and SMEs who want to offer their services completely free of charge. They invite those companies that are offering free services to register on this form in order to disseminate it.


Vamp is offering small to medium businesses free access to the Vamp platform to help those who rely on marketing to continue to promote their products and services during this time, without platform or management fees.

MG Empower

MG Empower has designed a live online weekly class to bring enlightenment to followers’ day over the next few weeks. The #WeAreTogether campaign will feature meditation, yoga, cooking, dancing and more.


In an effort to document the changing behaviour of various online communities and our way of life, and to highlight the way brands are and should be responding in this current climate, Wearisma has launched a new mini-series “(Digital) Life in the Time of Coronavirus”. From in-depth analysis to digital-forums to webinars, the mini-series will give you an insightful and digestible view on this new digital world of influence on a weekly basis.

Matter Of Form

Over the next 12 weeks, Matter Of Form will be offering complimentary Community Management support across Facebook and Instagram, to any of their contacts in need of help at this challenging time, as a small gesture of support for businesses and their communities. In this time of physical isolation, Matter of Form believes bringing together online communities with taste and sensitivity will be invaluable.

CURE Media

CURE Media is running a virtual influencer marketing meetup where they’ll do their best to answer current questions and thoughts – such as how the spread of COVID-19 affects consumer behaviors and the online marketing landscape, and of course, the influencer marketing industry.

The Fifth Agency

For anyone (most of us) working from home, The Fifth has put together a fun playlist to help you get through the day.

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