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Coronavirus Lockdown: Spotted Deer runs across empty street in Dehradun. Viral video – India Today

A video of a Spotted Deer running across an empty street in Dehradun surfaced on the internet on Friday and is swiftly going viral on social media. The 21-day national lockdown due to the novel coronavirus pandemic has allowed Nature to breathe. Clear skies. Clean air. It is a sight to behold in the country. Animals, in fact, are also spotted every other day across cities such as the Nilgai that walked freely on a road in Noida.

The seven second video of the Spotted Deer was shared on Twitter by a user, Saket, who captioned it, “And in Dehradun”. Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service retweeted the clip with the caption, “Here is Spotted Deer( Chital) on the lanes of Dehradun. Nature reclaiming thick and fast”.

Watch the video here:

The clip, so far, has been viewed over 3,500 times and garnered several likes and retweets. Netizens wrote about it in the comments section, “The effect of lockdown is animals are free to move anywhere. Really good to see this video. Go animals, go emancipate yourself. It’s your time to enjoy,” a user said.

Another added, “Humans have done enough. Nature is healing”.

See the comments here:

Around two days ago, three Sambar Deer were spotted roaming around in a society in Uttarakhand.

India is under complete lockdown since March 25 after Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked citizens to stay indoors to contain the global pandemic. So far, India has recorded over 800 novel coronavirus cases. 20 people have died due to Covid-19, as of March 28.

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