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Fact Check: This viral video of mass graves is not from Italy but from a TV series – India Today

A video is doing rounds on social media platforms showing bodies being dumped into mass graves as Italy’s coronavirus death toll is over 7,500.

In the video, viral most on WhatsApp, a TV news anchor is giving a commentary on the situation. The netizens are claiming on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook that the video shows the present situation in Italy.

Facebook user ‘Moinuddin Hasan Altaf’ posted this viral video with the caption, “Dead bodies of corona victims in Italy!”

The archived version of the post can be seen here.

Some Twitter users even to took the claim to the microblogging site. Twitter user ‘Satish Rathod‘ wrote, “HORRIBLE UNTHINKABLE TO SEE DEAD BODIES AT ITALY coronavirus. Maas grave yard.”

India Today Anti-Fake News War room (AFWA) found this to be a misleading claim. The viral video is part of the scene from a miniseries ‘Pandemic’ released in 2007.

The anchor in the viral video can be heard saying, “Though unsubstantiated by state and city authorities, we now have information for a knowledgeable source that tells us the city’s temporary morgues are filled beyond capacity. Mass graves have been dug for the incineration and burial of the dead. The current death toll due to the riptide virus is now in thousands.”

Taking a clue from the word “riptide virus”, we found that this was used in miniseries ‘Pandemic’.

Riptide virus was claimed to be an offshoot of bird flu in ‘Pandemic’.

We used Invid — a video verification platform — to break the viral video in keyframes, and using reverse image search, we found that the viral scene was indeed part of the TV series ‘Pandemic’.

The exact portion of the viral video can be seen at 1:01:53 (time signature).

Pandemic is a 2016 American science fiction thriller film about the devastating impact of the deadly virus infection which has ravaged Los Angeles in the US, where the city is plunged into panic.

With the virus’s origin as elusive as the cure, it’s a race against time to stop it.

Italy is the most affected country and its death toll is the highest among all in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Hence, the AFWA has reached to a conclusion that this viral video is part of a TV series and not from Italy.

Fact Check: This viral video of mass graves is not from Italy but from a TV series
ClaimThe viral video claims mass graves are in Italy.ConclusionThe viral video is part of a TV series called Pandemic.

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