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Voxi SIM only deal delivers Endless Social Media and no contract for £10 p/m – T3

Voxi is one T3’s favourite SIM only plan suppliers. Not only does Voxi run off Vodafone’s excellent UK mobile network, meaning that coverage is superb, but it often drops brilliant SIM only deals that deliver both on allowances and features.

And, right now, in January 2020, Voxi is offering a trilogy of excellent SIM only deals that offer an Endless Social Media feature. This feature means that on each plan the user gets unlimited, never ending usage of social media apps without any data allowance being eaten into.

The result is that any time you go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Weibo, Reddit, Pinterest, Flickr, and many more, you don’t touch the data allowance on the plan, costing you absolutely nothing and preserving that data for when you need it most, such as downloading large attachments and sending big files.

The SIM only deals offered by Voxi include packages with 8GB, 20GB and 45GB of data per month, while each also offers unlimited minutes and texts, too, as well as Endless Roaming, meaning you can use your plan in Europe for no extra cost.

Oh, and the other brilliant thing about these Voxi SIM only plans is that they come with no contract, either, with you capable of easily cancelling at any time. 

The full details of these SIM only deals can be viewed below:

Voxi SIM | Unlimited mins and texts | 8GB of data | No contract | Endless Social Media | Endless Roaming | £10 per month
This is a very competitive price for a great all-round SIM only package on its own. But then when you factor in that it is contract free, meaning you can cancel at any time and not be tied to a plan for a year or two, truly makes it a SIM only deal bargain. The Endless Social Media and Endless Roaming are brilliant features, too. Free delivery is included.
View Deal

Voxi SIM | Unlimited mins and texts | 20GB of data | No contract | Endless Social Media | Endless Roaming | £15 per month
If you like the idea of Endless Social Media and Endless Roaming, but fancy a little bit more data each month than the 8GB offered in the deal above, then this 20GB per month deal could be ideal. It’s the exact same package other than the increase in data allowance, which costs £15 per month. Free delivery is included.View Deal

Voxi SIM | Unlimited mins and texts | 45GB of data | No contract | Endless Social Media | Endless Roaming | £20 per month
Finally, if Endless Roaming and Endless Social Media appeals, along with the awesome Voxi network coverage, but you need large swathes of data each month for downloading and streaming of video content off Netflix, then this 45GB Voxi plan is worth a look. You have to pay more, at £20 per month, but with that large amount of data tucked into your handset, you can kiss allowance breaches well and truly goodbye.
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Voxi is also a T3 favourite SIM only supplier as it makes switching to one of its SIM plans incredibly easy, taking literally all the stress and pain out of the process. You simply enter your name and address to get a SIM, send a single text to get a PAC code, and then choose a Voxi plan and enter the PAC code in your online account. It literally couldn’t be simpler.

For a selection of top mobile phones to use with one of these plans, be sure to check out T3’s best phones, best Android phones, best cheap phones and best gaming phones gudies for plenty of top handset recommendations. And, for even more great SIM only deals, be sure to check out the market’s other top deals in T3’s super power comparison tool below.

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