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How to boost social media marketing – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

Social media marketing is an ever-growing trend; digital platforms are continuously changing the way consumers find, share and experience brands. As a result, technology is a growing marketing expense, reaching nearly 30%, according to a Gartner estimate, with digital ad spending for 2020 projected to be $385 billion.

Retailers are continuing to see the need for strong brick-and-mortar and online operations. 

To take advantage of the growth in digital marketing, the Harvard Business Review reports this week on four ways to develop a digital marking strategy. 

• Define your goals and set metrics for success. Whether your goals are to test out ideas, build awareness of products or services, increase sales, expand, or engage your audience, defning and measuring them will put your digital campaign on the right track. 

• Find the right platforms. Different social media platforms appeal to different markets. Reaching your target audience where they are online, instead of waiting for them to come to you, will be more impactful. 

• Lay out your content strategy. Decide how you want to market yourself, be it articles, videos, pictures, your audience most responds to and generate content that fits. 

• Interaction is key. Engaging with customers in real-time shows you’re listening and value their feedback. 

Read the full story here, and read more about the growth of online retailers in Baton Rouge here

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