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Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all in the top five most used social media apps with each exceeding over 75 million monthly users.

Every five seconds there is a new Facebook profile created. There are over six thousand tweets sent every second, and the like button on Instagram is hit four-point-two billion times a day. But how can you get the most from social media?

The marketplace feature on your Facebook app is an online shopping channel that allows users to buy and sell from their local community.

If you are a Twitter fan, it is all about timing. More than 50 percent of users that tweet at a brand expects a response within an hour. In order, to see how people respond to your tweets use Tweriod. This tool will give you recommendations on when to send out the tweet for the maximum amount of clicks.

As for Snapchat, they have a new way of shopping. Users can now point their camera at a product or barcode and Amazon will appear on your screen with a price.

Looking for a retweet? Trackmaven looked at over one-point seven million tweets and learned that the best time to post your tweet for retweets is between 10 and 11 p.m. Eastern time. While the best time to post on Facebook for engagement is on Fridays.

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