1M Cubans use U.S. software to skirt government’s social media blackouts

More than 1 million people in Cuba every day are using an anti-censorship tool supported by the U.S. government to circumvent their own government’s social media blackouts, Bloomberg reports.

The big picture: Censorship-circumvention software company Psiphon Inc. has facilitated the transfer of over 600 terabytes of data from users in Cuba since Sunday, per Bloomberg.

  • Psiphon receives funding from the Open Technology Fund, a U.S. government nonprofit that supports global internet freedom technologies.

Driving the news: Cuba limited access to some social media and messaging apps following anti-government protests that started last Sunday Axios’ Ina Fried reports.

  • President Biden said Thursday that the United States is looking into whether it is able to restore internet access that was shut down by the Cuban government.

Go deeper: Open Technology Fund sues administration for $20M in missing funds

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