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  • Apple’s MacBook Air M1 with 8GB RAM is $150 off at Best Buy right now, and the deal is available for the 256GB and 512GB versions.
  • The MacBook Air M1 is a truly excellent laptop thanks to its impressively powerful M1 processor and long battery life.
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Best Buy is selling Apple’s latest MacBook Air M1 with 256GB of storage for $850, which is $150 off its usual price of $1,000. That’s the same deal we saw during Amazon’s Prime Day 2021, which is among the best we’ve throughout the MacBook Air M1’s lifecycle so far. 

That’s also the same price as buying the MacBook Air M1 refurbished from Apple’s own refurbished Mac store. 

Students get an even better deal with an extra $100 over the existing $150 deal. That brings the MacBook Air M1 down from $1,000 to $750. To access the deal, you need to be a My Best Buy Student Member and check the box next to “Save $100 with your Student Deal” to get the best price.

The deal is only available for the MacBook Air M1 with 8GB of memory (RAM). Best Buy is also knocking $150 off the 512GB version of the MacBook Air M1, bringing its price down from $1,250 to $1,100. 

Unfortunately for those seeking the 16GB RAM version of MacBook Air M1, Best Buy isn’t offering a deal for that model, nor does it even carry the M1 version — it only carries the older Intel-based MacBook Airs at full price. 

For the majority of users who run regular apps like web browsers, office chat apps, productivity apps, and even light editing apps, the 8GB RAM MacBook Air M1 will more than suffice. Those with heavier work loads who run several apps simultaneously and have a couple dozen browser tabs open at any given time would benefit from the 16GB version.

For reference, I’m currently using a MacBook Pro M1 with 16GB RAM, and I’m using up 13GB RAM with 50 open browser tabs across two windows and across two desktops, as well as PDF in Preview, a note in TextEdit, and the Messages app running. It’s really the browser tabs that get you.

Apple’s MacBook Air M1 runs on Apple’s home-made M1 processor, which delivers impressive performance, even at the MacBook Air M1’s full $1,000 price tag. To be sure, there were concerns at launch that some apps wouldn’t run properly, or at all, on Apple’s new M1 processor. Thankfully, the MacBook Air M1 runs pretty much any app just fine.

Apart from speedy performance, one of the best things about the MacBook Air M1 is its long battery life that’s estimated up to 15 hours. 

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