12s react on Twitter to what changes Seattle Seahawks need for 2022

The Seattle Seahawks lost yet another game in week 12 and are now 3-8. 12s took to Twitter to express what changes they think the team needs to make and everyone’s opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s. I mean, even the current coaching staff doesn’t know how to fix this team.

But what changes might be needed and how far to go with those changes are the two main questions. A complete rebuild means no Russell Wilson in 2022 and certainly no Pete Carroll by 2023 (the coach is also the Vice President of Football Operations so he isn’t going anywhere unless he wants to).

We ask 12s exactly what they think should happen and some of the responses were these.

12s think drastic changes needed with Seattle Seahawks

This is an example of a complete teardown of the team. The only issue is that some of the higher-salaried players, such as Bobby Wagner, are getting a little older and may not bring that much back in draft capital. But this idea would almost be like starting a new franchise.

I might take this one step further and specify the need for new coordinators as well. A new coach would likely bring those in, but to me, the issues with the team are even more Ken Norton, Jr. and Shane Waldron than with Pete Carroll specifically.

Max doesn’t mention the coaches here, just the talent on the field. One huge problem for the Seahawks this season has been Russell Wilson, of course. He doesn’t seem to see the entire field and is missing open receivers. At least some part of the offensive struggles has been the talent on the field and not just the coaches.

I believe the “Danny” above refers to Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. Jones hasn’t been great in his three seasons with New York but he also hasn’t had a lot to work with. At least with the Seahawks, he would have DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. Currently, the Giants have two top-ten 2022 NFL draft picks. I can see New York parting with one but not both.

Pete Carroll is very unlikely to be fired. He would basically have to fire himself and that probably won’t happen. Gerald Everett and Quandre Diggs are free agents after this season so no use trying to trade them if they aren’t re-signed.

Oh, no. This was a solid tweet, though, as Colt McCoy has been a Seahawks killer the last two years. And he actually might not be such a bad quarterback to have for a year or two while a team rebuilds.




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