11 Popular LinkedIn Learning Online Career Courses

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For those who want to build up some quick career skills without pursuing a graduate degree, LinkedIn Learning can be one of the best options out there. Featuring relatively short online video courses, it lets students learn anything from elevator pitching to Excel — and add an optional certificate of completion to their LinkedIn profile once they’re done. 

This subscription offers over 16,400 LinkedIn Learning courses in 7 languages taught by credible industry experts and 60+ new courses added every week. After the trial, the subscription fee is $29.99 per month (monthly) or $19.99 per month (annually).

LinkedIn Learning can also be useful because of the connection to LinkedIn — the company has previously released data on the classes getting people promoted or hired and even occasionally made some of them free for a limited time. And if you’re considering a new career path but aren’t set on one yet, the platform offers some classes around broader topics, like choosing a cloud software to work on as a developer.

You can try a free trial for one month; after that, you can pay $29.99 per month, or $19.99 per month if you sign up for the annual plan (saving you 33%).

Keep reading below to see some of the most popular LinkedIn Learning classes, all of which have had over 1 million LinkedIn students start the class.

11 popular LinkedIn Learning online courses:

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