10 things in tech: Tesla’s $1 billion Q2 – Big Tech reports

10 things in tech: Tesla's $1 billion Q2 - Big Tech reports

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Elon Musk standing on top of a car: Elon Musk's Tesla just had its most profitable quarter. REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo/File Photo

© REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo/File Photo
Elon Musk’s Tesla just had its most profitable quarter. REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo/File Photo

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1. Tesla just had its most profitable quarter yet. Despite supply chain issues complicating car production, the company surpassed Wall Street’s expectations and exceeded $1 billion in quarterly profits for the first time. Here are the numbers you should know.

2. Stocks finished at record highs as investors set their sights on Big Tech’s earning reports. Dow industrials pushed beyond 35,000 in Monday’s record-setting highs as investors prepare for this week’s reports from Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. More on that here.

3. Experts outlined what could be a nightmare scenario for Amazon Web Services. AWS is both at the top of its game and in a crucial transition period as Adam Selipsky takes over for Andy Jassy as CEO. Here’s what experts said could be AWS’s “doomsday scenario” in this moment of change.

4. Tesla’s Full Self-Driving tech is being fooled by the moon, billboards, and Burger King signs. Tesla drivers are posting videos of their cars confusing the moon for a traffic light, or being tricked into stopping at a billboard. See videos of the cars getting bamboozled.

5. That online menu you read by scanning a QR code might still be tracking you. Experts are worried that offline behavior – like eating out with friends – is turning into a way to track you online. Here’s what we know so far.

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6. Facebook is letting religious groups charge users $9.99 per month for exclusive content. A US church is using new tools from the social-media platform that let it charge for access to specialized content, like messages from the bishop. Read up on Facebook’s partnership with religious groups.

7. Jeff Bezos offered to pay billions if NASA allowed Blue Origin to compete with SpaceX for a moon-lander contract. In an open letter to NASA, Bezos offered to cover $2 billion for the Human Landing System program and criticized NASA’s decision to select SpaceX as the sole winner. Get the full rundown here.

8. Crime-tracking app Citizen could pay people to livestream crime scenes and fires. The app is on the market for “field team members” who would get paid $25 to interview witnesses and report “behind police tape” in NYC and Los Angeles. Here’s how it’d work.

9. HashiCorp founder Mitchell Hashimoto has left the CTO role at his startup to just be a programmer again. Hashitomo previously served as co-CTO with cofounder Armon Dadgar and before that CEO. He explained to Insider why he pivoted back to hands-on engineering.

10. Biden wants to “win the EV market” – a hope that hinges on beating China in a battery arms race. The president plans to spend $174 billion to force the country away from combustion engines, a major play against China, which currently dominates electric-vehicle production. More on Biden’s hope for the future of American cars.

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