Woman terrifies TikTok with how she found a tracker on her car

A woman took to TikTok to warn others after she found an Apple AirTag attached to her car. An AirTag is a small tracking device that customers can attach to objects . Ashley Estrada (@_ashleyscarlett) discovered a stranger’s AirTag on her car. In her TikTok, which has over 16 million views, Estrada holds up the AirTag to her camera and says, “I’m literally f****** shaking — look what I just found on my car”. According to a follow-up video, Estrada was driving around with her cousin’s girlfriend when the girlfriend got a notification that read, “AirTag detected near you”. The notification also offers the option to make the AirTag play sound, which is how the women discovered it was under Estrada’s license plate. “When I looked, it pretty much showed us every single location we had been to,” Estrada adds in the TikTok. “It’s super, super scary”. Estrada and her cousin’s girlfriend called the police but were allegedly told it was a “non-life-threatening situation” so there was nothing the officers could do. Commenters were alarmed over the idea that police may have called it “non-life-threatening” and at how easily AirTags can be used as unwanted tracking devices

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