Vermilion Parish Superintendent Took to Social Media to Clear Up Confusion About Covid Protocols

According to Vermilion Parish Superintendent Tommy Byler, He took to social media just to clear up any confusion about Covid protocols. Byler says no protocal have officially been put into place for next year.
Byler says, “While there is an opinion that we are trying to hide information, I can guarantee you that is not the case.”

What we have received in information this far is as follows:

1. LDOE has sent out some guidance mandates that are suggested practices but ultimately has left the decisions on these suggestions to the local authority. The suggested practices are very similar to last year. They are suggested and not mandated. The only thing that is for certain is that the COVID quarantine practices that were in place last year are still in place.

2. The Vermilion Parish School Board has to adopt any of the policies that they want in place and the next board meeting is July 22. For those of you on other sites saying we are not addressing these, you have been misinformed as these discussions are on the committee meeting and full board agendas for the July meeting.

3. The CDC push out at the end of last week that has caused much of the public opinion conversations was also a suggestion that said vaccinated individuals, teachers and students, did not have to mask. Again this was a suggestion from CDC. Many media outlets portrayed as the tell all end all for masking in schools. We have also been told that we could be getting more CDC guidelines in the next couple of weeks.

4. We will let you know what our VPSB policies will be as soon as we have our July 22nd meeting. There is a possibility that guidelines from the state and CDC could change after that date. I can guarantee you that we are working with all parties involved and sit on CDC and LDOE calls weekly and the same situations are going on all over the state.

“Thank you for your patience and I can assure you that you are receiving the information in as timely a manner as I can get it to you.” says, Superintendent Tommy Byler

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