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UFC Icon Joe Rogan Names ‘Probably Best Candidate’ In MMA GOAT Debate

Joe Rogan has insisted that UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov is “probably the best candidate” for the status of MMA GOAT ahead of Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre.

Khabib later vacated the lightweight championship, despite UFC president Dana White’s plea for him to make a stunning U-turn on his retirement.

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“Because, in my opinion, Khabib is probably the best candidate because Khabib not only did he not lose a fight, [but] he barely lost a round.

“He lost maybe one round to Conor, and it seemed like he was just taking the round off, like to kind of, you know, preserve his energy, so he could finish Conor afterwards, and he did. He wound up finishing him.”

However, the 54-year-old UFC legend has now argued that Khabib has “never been in trouble in a fight” and he is ‘arguably’ the best fighter in MMA history.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Rogan explained: “Khabib has never been in trouble in a fight. Michael Johnson tagged him once, and Michael Johnson is a guy that doesn’t get nearly enough respect.

“Yeah, he’s had some rough losses, but Michael Johnson knocked out Dustin Poirier with one punch. Michael Johnson was a dangerous, dangerous man, and he still is.

“And he tagged Khabib, it probably had Khabib in the most trouble ever in a fight, he had him wobbled. But Khabib ultimately won that fight and destroyed him.

“I mean, he was pounding on him, he was telling him ‘Quit now, quit now, you know I deserve the title shot,’ beating it out of him and then put him in a kimura and tapped him. It’s arguable Khabib is the greatest of all time.’’

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