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Tweet on a Britain road explodes into potholes from all over the world. Viral thread

a car parked on the side of a road: Image posted on Twitter by No Context Brits.

Image posted on Twitter by No Context Brits.

A social media user posted a tweet about a damaged road in Britain featuring several potholes filled with tar. But what happened next is that the post exploded into potholes from all over the world. What does that mean, do you ask? Well, we’ll explain.

No Context Brits, a Twitter account, posted a picture of a road in Britain that was riddled with potholes covered with tar.

“Only in Britain would a road look like this,” the caption of the post reads.

Now, this post has gone viral with over 78,000 likes and around 20,000 retweets with the tweet leading to the formation of a thread. Social media users, on the other hand, posted pictures of roads filled with potholes from their respective countries in the comments section so as to explain to the Twitter user that this is not the scene in Britain alone.

There were pictures of damaged roads filled with potholes from Argentina, Karachi, Russia, Nigeria as well as India. Some of the images were rather bizarre.

In Argentina, Twitter user @VadraSebastian said that people celebrate birthdays of potholes.

Journalist Faizan Lakhani tweeted pictures from Pakistan and said, “There’s a place called Karachi.”


In Ireland.

Meanwhile, in Russia.

“At least they try to patch it up. Meanwhile here in India,” Twitter user Dillan said.

As far as Nigeria is concerned, see these.

And then, in South Africa.

Also, here are pictures of potholes from Florida, Uruguay, Thailand and Washington DC.

Social media users seemingly enjoyed the thread, it appears.

But, we will leave you with these pictures from Saudi Arabia.

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