TikTok mum reveals how all Aussies store shopping bags

One mum has gone viral on TikTok after she organised her reusable shopping bags using a popular folding hack – but some say there is a problem with the method.

Adelaide mum of two Emmy Rachelle has shared a video on TikTok showing how she stored her reusable Woolworths bags down the side of her fridge, claiming that was how most of us do it.

“Every Aussie ever piles their bags on the side of the fridge,” she said. “I don’t make the rules.”

But worried the bags could be a fire hazard Emmy decided to pull them out and store them elsewhere, revealing the “technical” way she folded the bags.

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She folded the bag in quarters upwards and then into triangles lengthways before tucking the last triangle inside the folded up section leaving the handle out, with the result “very satisfying”.

“These are now going to live in my car which hopefully that will force me to use them but the Aussie in me is probably going to pile more bags back there (besides my fridge),” Emmy said.

Emmy’s TikTok video has been viewed more than 168,000 times, but some supermarket workers said they disliked the folding method as it made their job more difficult at the checkout.

“As a checkout chick I hate having to undo the plastic when they are folded like that but awesome space saving hack,” one person wrote.

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“Please unfold them yourself when you get to the register,” one viewer said.

“As a register operator I hate the bags folded like that. It is a pain to undo,” another commented.

In response Emmy said she flipped “the bit that’s tucked in and give it a shake” to undo the bags “real quick” at check-outs.

Meanwhile others debated whether the side of the fridge was the true “Aussie” way to store reusable bags.

“We always have a bag filled with other bags in the laundry … I thought that was Aussie,” one said.

“If you don’t put them under the sink then you’re not Aussie,” another insisted.

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