This is how Cristiano Ronaldo surpassed Lionel Messi on social media amid recent transfers

The rivalry between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most intense in the sporting world, with both players standing neck-to-neck when it comes to performances on the field. However, in terms of social media appeal, the Portuguese star dwarfs Messi, as seen by their recent transfers from their respective Italian and Spanish clubs. Ronaldo returned to Manchester United on Friday, and his arrival sparked a social media frenzy that outstripped the news of his rival Lionel Messi’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

On August 27, Manchester United’s official Twitter account announced Ronaldo’s return to the club, and the post has received nearly 2 million likes since then. On the other hand, PSG’s social media post about Lionel Messi’s signing has received just over 8,00,000 likes since being shared on August 11. It is worth noting that Manchester United enjoys a bigger following on social media than the French club PSG, which may be one of the reasons behind the gap in reach.

Cristiano Ronaldo returns home, Lionel Messi joins new club

Ronaldo recently returned to Manchester United, where he made 196 appearances, managed to rack up 84 goals and won his first of five Ballon d’Or titles. Ronaldo won three Premier League titles at Manchester United as well as a Champions League crown between 2003 to 2009. Ronaldo’s record-breaking transfer from United to La Liga club Real Madrid made him the most expensive football player in the world. He played for the Spanish club until 2018 before moving to Italy’s Juventus. As per reports, Ronaldo has signed a two-year contract with the club worth €25 million. 

Meanwhile, Messi ended his 17-year run with Barcelona as he joined French club Paris Saint-Germain on August 10. As per reports, Messi has signed a two-year contract worth €35 million per season with PSG. The contract includes bonuses and an option to extend it to June 2024. PSG’s coach Mauricio Pochettino dropped a hint that Messi might make his debut for his new club in the PSG vs Reims game on August 30. 

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