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The virus is like a single worldwide organism | Letters To Editor

The virus behaves like a single worldwide organism using a primitive machine-like evolutionary intelligence to guide its ever more ferocious attack on the human race.

Replicating in unvaccinated hosts at trillions of times a second, it is constantly searching for more contagious variants as it sweeps the planet.

Interestingly, the variants do not often become more deadly, because it is in the interest of the cruel organism for humans to linger, shedding more virus before they die.

Worldwide, the virus has killed 4.3 million. It is closing in on Hitler’s death toll, but is so far well short of Stalin’s slaughter of the Russian peasants.

You have to wonder how our Republican friends, picking a side in this global battle against the human race, wound up on the side of the virus.

I think it started with Trump trying to minimize the virus because he feared his inability to provide leadership would hurt his re-election chances. As his most dedicated followers got locked in on his PR campaign, it became too hard to change.

With the election over, the Trump base has become more pro-virus as they hope, with increasing transparency, that the deaths of more of their friends and children will reflect poorly on Biden.

After long struggle, the human race will survive the virus. The fate of the Republican Party will depend on their ability to decide which side they are on.

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