Social media pages of slain gangsters still operational

The gangsters who had died long ago are still famous on social media. The pages made in the name of slain gangsters are still being operated by their followers. Taking responsibility for murders and then vowing to take revenge has become normal on social media.

The cyber cell of the police is keeping a watch.

In some of the comments, people give their contact numbers for selling illegal weapons.
In the recent murder case of Vikramjeet Singh Middukhera, a social media post in the name of slain gangster Davinder Bambiha group went viral few hours after the murder with the group taking responsibility for the murder.

The social media pages on Facebook in the name of Vicky Goundar who was killed in a police encounter in 2018, are still active, The social media pages in the name of Davinder Bambiha who was killed in a police encounter around four years ago are still active. A Facebook page in the name of another slain gangster Sukha Kahlwan, who was killed by Vicky Goundar, is also active on Facebook.

Not only are the pages active in one of the comments on Sukha Kahlwan group’s Facebook post, a man had even given his contact number for delivering illegal weapons and country-made pistols (katta).

Ranjodh Singh Sarao, a lawyer who is an expert in Information Technology Act-related cases, said that the cyber cell of the police must keep a watch on such pages as it is a big source of distracting the youngsters.

“If someone is selling weapons on social media so openly, it is serious. The youngsters could slip into the world of crime if such people do it so openly,” he added.

Jasbir Singh another lawyer, said that in the past few years it has become a trend in which the followers of criminals are updating the pages made in the name of slain gangsters.

He said, “Each page has thousands of followers. All the followers are youngsters. It is easy for them to slip into this world. It must stop.”

A police officer told The Indian Express that they did not get the pages deleted as they could track the movement of some criminals on the social media.

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