Popular Instagrammer Mr.Swabhi Shares His Views On Social Media as a caree

Mr.Swabhi, who is a known face on social media, never thought about social media as a profession till the time. He became a known face.

This pandemic has made the world stop still and locked people inside the home.

 For a second, try imagining the quarantine and lockdown time without our mobile phones in our hands or without one of the greatest boons, “Social Media”.

Unimaginable right? 

Well, apart from all the fun & entertainment, these social media platforms are much more nowadays, the very less talked  “Profession.”

Yes, you read that right

Social media as a profession

What better than an Instagrammer explaining it from the personal point of view

We talked about social media as a profession. We caught up with Mr Swabhi to discuss his journey on social media as a profession.

Mr.Swabhi, whose real name is Swabhiman Ball. Having around 115K followers on Instagram and 1.8 Million Followers on Josh, and 122k followers On TikTok, On short video app.

Mr.Swabhi took birth at the Deoghar district located in Jharkhand. He belongs to a lower-middle-class family. Mr.Swabhi, who wanted to become an actor since childhood, had such a shortage of resources some 4-5 years ago that he had to seek the help of friends and his brother to make videos and upload them on social media. In the initial phase, Mr.Swabhi used to work with his friends and acquaintances to make videos in some way.

Mr.Swabhi is such a creative and multi-talented person who has launched his instrumental music. Many people are already showing their love towards it and supporting it as much as they can. I want to introduce you to tremendous tracks launched by Mr.Swabhi are Moose, Little planet, Jamming, Adventure. “It’s just starting many more are yet to come”, said Mr.Swabhi. 

Mr.Swabhi, who is a known face on social media, never thought about social media as a profession till the time he became a known face. People began following me at places and taking selfies with me. Once I became popular, I came to know the power social media has.

And in a quick time, I knew what I should be doing. Next, I channelised my energy to grow as an influencer on selected platforms, and it paid me back in terms of fame, money, collaboration and bringing me closer to like-minded people. 

I have learnt a lot about life through social media. There are times where we influencers are sure of a content doing great, but it doesn’t happen. Sometimes unexpected content becomes sensational. There is no rocket science about what exactly to make that audience would love. The audience is unpredictable.


But thanks to social media for giving people like me a platform to showcase our skills and changing the mindset of people that skills do count. I feel like if you have talent and you show it the right way, then today or tomorrow, you will get what you deserve.


As Nothing is impossible in this world, Always keep trying for your passion and have a positive mindset. Don’t be a loser with a negative mindset, as it will lead to the wrong path. So always be dedicated to your passion.

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