Nurse Blake, social media star, to perform at Tarrytown Music Hall

Blake Lynch’s social media stardom began with a scrub romper. 

Lynch, a registered nurse from Orlando, Florida, donned a romper made from scrubs and danced around by his pool while his husband, Brett, filmed. They posted the video on social media for family and friends. The video quickly went viral. 

Lynch, who goes by “Nurse Blake” on his TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages, has gained a following on social media with nearly 3 million followers across all platforms. 

“I learned once you post something online you can’t take it down,” Lynch said. “I kind of just enjoyed making content based on my experiences. I thought my experiences were unique to me but I quickly realized — thanks to the comments — that pretty much every other nurse has similar experiences. So you feel like you’re not alone.” 

Nurse Blake will be at Tarrytown Music Hall on Sept. 15.

Lynch will be taking his brand of comedy, making fun of the plights  nursing students and nurses go through on a daily basis, to the Tarrytown Music Hall on Sept. 15 as part of his “PTO Comedy Tour.” His 2019 comedy tour was sold out. 

“I think just giving nurses a night to be able to laugh is what I’m most looking forward to,” Lynch said. “I want them to be able to laugh about the things that make us mad and inspired us to continue to do what we love. We’ve been working underappreciated for a long time but that’s been under a microscope for the pandemic.”

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