NFT Limited Purple Series Launch Party Announcement

Dat’s Ma Poop

Pooptopia Dat’s Ma Poop Special Collection

CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 31, 2021 / — Digital artist and Founder of Planet Zuda LLC, Ryan Satterfield is excited to announce his virtual launch party for the exclusive Non-Fungible Token (NFT) purple series, featuring Dat’s Ma Poop. Dat’s Ma is a character in a virtual NFT land, Pooptopia. Satterfield describes a NFT “as a certificate of authenticity. It is a unique string of code that identifies the image you put up online, as yours.”

NFT’s are sweeping the internet as one of the hottest collectables. The exclusivity of these digital pieces of artwork makes these collectables even more valuable. According to Scott Reyburn, journalist for the New York Times, a NFT created by “the digital artist known as Beepie, sold. . . in an online auction for $69.3 million.”

Pooptopia is a virtual world occupied by poop shaped art with human like features such as eyes and a mouth. The character featured in this exclusive launch is Dat’s Ma Poop. Dat’s Ma Poop is a character who runs the fashion industry of Pooptopia. The story behind this innovative character is that Dats’s Ma wanted to look like the hottest fashionista’s who run the fashion industry on earth, so she used diamonds to give herself ears and a nose, and a diamond as a hat.

The first two NFT’s in this series are to be released as a 1 of 1, meaning that only one NFT will be made and only one person can own it at any given time. The first two pieces of artwork will be auctioned off. Satterfield said “We are having an auction for the first two pieces because of the amount of people who have already offered to buy them, and there are only one of each available. So I wanted everyone to have a fair chance at being able to own one.”

There will be twenty-five of each of the following three digital art pieces available in this exclusive five image series available for purchase. Meaning that there will be only seventy-seven people in the world who own an image from this highly sought after release.

In addition to owning one of these highly sought-after exclusive pieces of digital artwork, the first two winners 1 of 1 auction will be sent a video with a personalized thank you voice message from a character in Pooptopia appropriately named Golden Poop, from his home which is a giant golden toilet.

The first five people who purchase one of the digital art pieces not on auction, will receive a video with a personalized voice message from Dats Ma Poop, as a thank you for purchasing.

The virtual world of Pooptopia has not been created beyond what you see in the purple series. The plan is that when this launch goes well, more pooptastic images of Pooptopia will be released.

All three virtual parties will on the social media platform Clubhouse. Tuesday’s pre-launch party on August 31st will in the NFTS.Tips room at 6 pm PT. Wednesday’s party will be September 1st, in the Trappin Da Blockchain room at 4 pm PT. On Thursday September 2nd, the official launch party will be in the NFT and Chill room at a time to be announced. Please follow us on Twitter to find out the time for Thursday’s official launch party and pre-sale dates.

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