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NCDC team reach Firozabad to investigate deaths of children

A team under the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has reached Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh to inspect a mysterious dengue-like viral fever that claimed the lives of 67. The NCDC team was rushed to Firozabad after the Union Health Ministry ordered it to investigate the puzzling fever that led to the death of many children. The NCDC team comprises Dr Vinod Choudhary, Medical Officer NVBDCP; Dr Amit Katewa, Entomologist NVBDCP; Dr Tushar Nale, Assistant director NCDC; and Dr Reena Kumawat, Assistant director NCDC.

NCDC team in Firozabad

The Republic Media Network interacted with Dr Saurabh Goel, the NCDC team in charge, to understand their role in helping determine the cause of the deaths. Goel said, “It is our first day, and we are going to various colleges and also reading the on-ground situation. A summary report will be compiled after understanding the situation, and later the CMO will brief on it.” Goel said that the NCDC just had preliminary data with them as of now, and nothing substantial could be claimed.

Regarding the awareness among the masses that lacked in the area, Goel assured that samples would be collected from all individuals in the area and sensitised accordingly. While speaking on the confusion being created regarding the nature of the virus, if it’s dengue, Goel suggested that patients could visit their nearest hospital for an examination.

ICMR, UP Health Dept and other medical teams deployed

An ICMR team was also sent to Firozabad to collect larvae from the affected area variant causing health complications mostly among children. The 11 member ICMR team was accompanied by the UP Health Department team and another 18 members medical team who are currently asserting the possible deficiencies as to what led to the origin of the disease. News agency PTI quoted a statement from the additional director of health which mentioned that the surveillance team was also working on controlling the spread of mosquitos and checking the types of mosquitoes. 

The deaths in Firozabad led to the suspension of three doctors. The district magistrate took this order levying charges of negligence against the doctors and warned other state doctors of strict actions for any negligence in the treatment of patients. Cases similar to Firozabad had also been reported in nearby districts of Mathura, Etah and Mainpuri.

Programme to curb spread of diseases

Starting from September 7, a statewide government programme will be launched to curtail the outbreak’s wake and minimise cases before the third wave hit. The statewide program will make sure that health workers go from door to door inquiring about the health of the citizens and provide assistance to those having symptoms of COVID-19. The program is said to go on till September 16. The program will make sure that anti larva spraying was done in the entire area.

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