My boyfriend humiliated me on social media

DEAR HARRIETTE: My boyfriend wrote an embarrassing photo caption about us on Facebook for our anniversary.

Harriette Cole 

The caption was long and wordy, and he highlighted the fact that he didn’t initially want to be in a relationship with me. He swears he meant well, but I’m humiliated. How do I handle this?

Embarrassing Caption

DEAR EMBARRASSING CAPTION: Sometimes people blur reality with social media, and that often leads to trouble.

The details of your relationship should be public knowledge only if you both agree on that. Clearly, you did not give your boyfriend your blessing for him to go into the nuances of how you became a couple.

Rather than break up with him, though, you need to have a serious conversation.  Sit down with your boyfriend and tell him you want to talk about boundaries. Let him know how hurtful his post was to you, regardless of his intention.

The outcome is what you are dealing with, namely that private details about your relationship are now public for all to read. Tell your boyfriend that you want to establish boundaries with him that will allow for you to build your relationship without spectators. While it may be true that it took him a while to realize that this was the relationship he wanted all along, that is your personal business — not to be broadcast through social media.

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