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Multiple Countries | Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Outbreak: Preparedness and Response – Operations Update n° 3 (Appeal No: MDREBOLA21) – 11 August 2021 – Guinea

Situation overview

The first confirmed case of EVD was reported in Guinea on 14 February 2021, with initial probable cases dating back to at least January 2021. However, genomic sequencing conducted by WHO1 indicate that the resurgence in Guinea is linked to bodily fluids of survivors. Preliminary findings indicate first that the virus in the current epidemic is the same responsible for the 2014-16 epidemic; and second, that it was transmitted from one human to another (and not from an animal source).

Between 14 February and 01 April:

  • 23 total cases including 16 confirmed and 7 probables were recorded.

  • 11 people were reported to the CT-EPI, of whom 10 treated and recovered and one person (M22) who run away with no medical treatment.

  • 12 people died with a Case Fatality Rate of 52%

  • 10.612 people got vaccinated.

The last confirmed case was discharged and left the CT-Epi on 23rd April. However, the 42-day countdown did not start that day, but on 08 May. This because since the whereabouts of the M22 case identified on 1st April were still unknown, it was not possible to state that there was no longer a chain of transmission within the communities. It was therefore decided by Authorities, under WHO and Humanitarian partners recommendation, to add 40 days to the date M22 was last seen to start the official countdown. As such, with no new case within the 42 days, on 19th June WHO and the Government of Guinea declared the end of the EVD outbreak in the country. As per consequence, Governmental authorities and humanitarian partners moved from a response modality to a preparedness modality of intervention, focused on surveillance.

In line with it, the scope and size of the West Africa EVD operation will be revised.

In parallel with the EVD outbreak, on 17th May, Guinean national authorities declared officially an outbreak of Lassa Fever in Yomou prefecture near Nzérékoré following a death of a man both Lassa Fever and Covid-19 in a CT-EPI. The outbreak was subsequently declared over with no new case recorded.

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