Mr Beast vs. Netflix Squid Game Reaction Gets Completely Roasted On Twitter

Youtuber MrBeast faces criticism on Twitter for his newest Squid Game challenge video for its comparisons with Netflix’s original series.

Popular YouTuber MrBeast faces criticism on Twitter for his newest YouTube video, “$456,000 Squid Game in Real Life!” as people are upset about the unfair comparisons made between Netflix’s Squid Game and his video. Squid Game consists of 9 episodes in a thrilling drama of Korean citizens in debt, competing for their lives playing childhood games to win a cash prize. Unlike the series, MrBeast’s iteration does not reciprocate any of the violence from the show. Instead, MrBeast turned Squid Game into an opportunity for fans to win a grand prize, with eliminated participants taking home thousands of dollars as well.


Squid Game was created by Hwang Dong-Hyuk and gained massive popularity worldwide after its release on Netflix in September. In a previous interview, Hwang emphasized that he does not recommend Squid Game to minors due to the gruesome nature of the show, despite featuring games from Hwang’s childhood. However, Hwang states that the violence portrayed throughout the dystopian series is symbolic and metaphorical to today’s climate of a top-down society. With participants of the game given the choice to return to play or leave, it is an allegory of inequality and the illusion of free will in capitalism, as the majority of participants return to continue the game.

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In a controversial tweet, Jon Youshaei praises MrBeast for his YouTube achievement in almost surpassing the viewership of Netflix’s Squid Game. As MrBeast’s video continues to grow with 103 million views in 4 days, Youshaei compares the two by stating that the amount of views accrued by MrBeast and the minimal time it took to produce the set, is “the promise of the creator economy.” This tweet led to a heated discussion amongst many, believing the comparison to be invalid and tone-deaf, as creating an unprecedented concept is different from a creator capitalizing on someone’s idea. Here are some responses below:

Without the debut and traction gained from the Squid Game series, MrBeast would not have been able to recreate Hwang’s work. Therefore, critics believe it is unfair to dismiss the achievements from Hwang as MrBeast only transcribed the idea, and didn’t create it. Despite the Netflix original series amassing in popularity, the streaming service has barely promoted Squid Game outside of South Korea. Thus, the series grew organically from the ground up on the subscription platform, whereas MrBeast already had a strong following on a free platform for all. If anything, the success of MrBeast proves that independent creators have more autonomy for their content, as Squid Game was adjourned for over 12 years, due to the uneasiness from companies wanting to introduce a risky show.

Undeniably, the amount of effort MrBeast put into the production of recreating Squid Game in a short amount of time is astonishing. Nonetheless, the implausible comparisons made between his video and the series is a false equivalence fallacy. Hwang created the concept of the commendable show with an underlying message from scratch, based on his own economic struggles, with MrBeast even thanking Hwang for the inspiration at the end of his video. Assuredly, content creators deserve more credit and respect for their endeavors, but it is imperative to not discount the work of those behind the original idea.

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