Metrics matter most on social media; all you need to know about how to increase brand awareness

There are around 120 million active Instagram users and about 300 million active Facebook users in India today. What this number means is that so many people are engaging, browsing and communicating via these social media networking platforms every day. It means people are making this a part of their everyday lifestyle. These sites have become resources they look at to entertain, educate, learn and connect. This in turn makes social networking platforms a huge opportunity, a 24×7 accessible touch point available to marketers and brands (to make themselves visible and a part of the lifestyle of their target audience). That’s what a smart social media marketing investment can do for you.

There are several metrics that social media is able to track and measure for you. Its proof of how well your brand is doing with the platform and your potential customers.

Listing below some metrics that matter the most and what they mean:

  1. Reach: Reach is the total number of people who see your content. Think of reach as the number of unique people who see your content. This is particularly important as the more people your content reaches the more visibility and awareness the brand can gain. It’s important to ensure that while reach is easy to increase with the help of paid promotions, it is also showing a positive trajectory organically. That would just mean that your content is working. People are consuming it willingly and the Instagram algorithm is supporting it. If the organic numbers don’t increase I would advise a brand to re-think their content approach and strategy as paid promotions don’t go a long way. A good reach will affect other metrics like following and engagement

  2. Followers: Now this is a tricky one, only because it a patience tester. There is no secret to gain followers but they matter because in the end, they become a part of your community that is willingly wanting to consume your content. You now have easier access to their feed and can make conversations with them and eventually make them your loyal customers. There are two ways in which followers are gained. Either organically a good reach enables people to notice your content, develop interest and follow you or paid promotions enhance reach and help gain followers. However both are time consuming processes. It’s great when a brand can achieve a balance between organic and paid promotions and see stable growth. Often brands become impatient and choose to buy followers but honestly speaking all that only brings short sighted success. Novice customers see a large following and perceive a certain brand credibility but it doesn’t necessarily add much more value

  3. Engagement – Engagement is the most important metric to keep in mind for social media. By engagement, I mean the likes, shares and comments on every piece of content you share. A good engagement means people are able to relate to the content a brand is putting out and would like to join the conversation. Having a growing engagement rate is a very good sign for brands. That backed by good reach and following ties up the whole story to ensure an upward growth trajectory

In addition to the same, it’s very important to be realistic about what kind of numbers you can expect from social media marketing and what results one must expect. Very often, newcomers join the digital bandwagon thinking it’s going to do some magic for them. Though it does, remember that also takes time and consistency. Parameters like the ones mentioned above are most obvious targets one should set while engaging in social media activities. However ,at a larger scale, sales and conversions are something that follow with the right amount of brand awareness backed with a lot of audience building, learning and experiment with the right ‘pay-per-click’ professionals. All entrepreneurs must first set the right expectations and only then indulge in social media marketing for optimal results.

(Rhea Patel, is CEO and Founder of CLIQ, a creative, brand-savvy digital marketing community)

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Published on: Thursday,August 12, 2021, 09:56 AM IST

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