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The 16-year-old Meethika Dwivedi from Lucknow has become a sensation on social media with her reels and quirky skits that are heavily laced with desi vocabulary.

The Aliganj resident has amassed close to two million followers including Bollywood A-listers on her Instagram account within a year.

Meethika started her Instagram account the_sound_blaze to put out musical videos as a trained classical singer and dancer. “My mother suggested the name of the Instagram account. To reassure her I even posted a song video, but I turned to making reels, which were liked by viewers and everything started to fall in place from there,” Meethika says.

Meethika shoots and edits her videos, which are about relationships and the daily life trivia.

“To decide a topic for a new video, I look at what is trending online. A lot of my time is also spent on collaboration videos,” she said, adding, “I want my content to be unique and relatable with the common person.”

The youngest child of a businessman father and a homemaker, Meethika says her online personality matches her real life. “I am absolutely like the Meethika you see online. I don’t change my accent or vocabulary for my videos. In fact my family members speak in the same way I do online,” she said laughing.

She credits her school and principal for supporting her in the online endeavour. The school organised a celebration when she reached 50K subscribers in February this year.

A student of Class 12, she aspires for a career in media/journalism. “I took science stream to please my parents like most Indian children, but I want to make a career in media as an extension of what I am doing currently and what I like doing,” she said.

Her new-found fame keeps Meethika busy. “I have to work really long hours on some days but I love doing it. This keeps me motivated.”

Meethika’s love for what she does also helps her avoid haters on social media. “I read all the comments but they really don’t bother me now. I think that haters believe that what I am doing is very easy. Well, they should come and see how much work and effort goes into making a video,” she said.

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