Logan Paul ‘CryptoZoo’ NFT Game Delay Controversy—Fans Complain About Losing Money!

Logan Paul’s “CryptoZoo” NFT game was supposed to be released last Sept. 1. However, it seems like the actual game has been delayed since the official website removed the provided launch date.

(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @KILO_CUTS)
Logan Paul CryptoZoo NFT Game Delay Controversy—Fans Complain About Losing Money!

Because of this, many fans are now complaining about the new blockchain game. Some of them even claim that Logan Paul’s new NFT title is a scam.

Since consumers are now asking questions, the official Telegram group of Logan Paul’s new blockchain title assists its more than 24,000 members.

The moderators even provided “CryptoZoo” official blog post update.

“September 3rd, 2021 we will be posting a countdown timer on the website 5 hours PRIOR to the egg sale,” said the blockchain game.

“CryptoZoo” moderators added that they would always update the consumers via social media accounts. If you want to see more details about it, you can click this link to see the actual post update for Logan Paul’s upcoming NFT title.

Logan Paul ‘CryptoZoo’ NFT Game a Scam?

As of the moment, it is hard to conclude the Twitch streamer’s NFT game is actually a scam.

Logan Paul CryptoZoo NFT Game Delay Controversy—Fans Complain About Losing Money!

(Photo : Screenshot from CryptoZoo’s official website )
Logan Paul CryptoZoo NFT Game Delay Controversy—Fans Complain About Losing Money!

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On the other hand, one of the customer service representatives said that there is also a new contract address:

  • (0x19263F2b4693da0991c4Df046E4bAA5386F5735E)

You can also visit the official website of “CryptoZoo” to see the actual contract.

Right now, “CryptoZoo” moderators are still providing updates about the NFT game’s upcoming egg drops. If you want to join the group, you need to create a Telegram account and search the game’s name on the search bar.

The icon for the legit account would be the golden egg. Once you are there, you can ask further questions, especially about the launch schedule delay.

In other news, EA Sports is also expected to release its own blockchain titles. On the other hand, the new NFT Game “MIR4” is now available on Steam.  

What is ‘CryptoZoo’ About? 

According to The Sun’s recent report, Logan Paul considers his new NFT title as an autonomous ecosystem. He added that players can join the game to collect, breed, and trade exotic hybrid NFT animals. 

On the other hand, the streamer also explained that it is also similar to other play-to-earn blockchain games since the hybrid animals you can create could also lead to profit. 

For more news updates about Logan Paul’s “CryptoZoo” NFT game and other upcoming blockchain titles, always keep your tabs open here at TechTimes.  

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