Killing of dog prompts outrage on social media

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) – The shooting of a dog has prompted outrage on social media.

On Wednesday, the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society (TLHS) shared several pictures of a dog named Rambo.

Someone had shot the dog through his chest.

On Thursday, the Society shared the sad news that Rambo died overnight.

“You should be angry and heartbroken that this happened and we have no information that anyone has as to who shot him and is responsible for this action,” reads TLHS’s update.

The update continues:

“How can you take action? Consider his story and so many others like him where we have failed as humans. We wish that we could have done more as a team of caretakers and medical professionals.

MS state legislation needs to improve and you as a community are the only voice that animals have. Animal welfare and human welfare are closely intertwined. How many more will it take to lose before something changes.

Make his life matter. Educate, vote, and support your friends and neighbors as well as rescues and shelters trying to make a cultural change. We as humans have allowed this long enough and are the only ones capable of improving our state and saving lives like Rambo.”

Open the links above to view the social media posts.

Warning: Some people may find the images disturbing. That’s why this article does not contain any images.

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