Increasing B2B leads on social media vs increasing B2C leads

The difference between B2B and B2C is clear: in the B2B segment, companies sell products, services, and time to other companies, while in the B2C segment they sell it directly to consumers. The target audiences in these segments differ quite a lot. If you want to know how to increase B2B leads, you have to study the same specifics of doing B2B business with the help of social media.


Here are the basics that help to generate B2B leads:

  • define the correct channels to promote your company;
  • analyze your clients and identify the main features they have in common;
  • use marketing strategies that suit your type of business;
  • cold emails are more effective for B2B than cold calls;
  • use guest blogging to generate leads.

You can use Belkins’ experience to be more successful in lead generation.

Many business owners have succeeded in creating and popularizing their content on social media for B2C. After changing their business direction to B2B they continue to use the same content, which does not work. B2B marketing on social networks needs a different approach.

Content Is King: Fact v Emotions

Social media content needs to be attractive, useful, and interesting to make potential clients notice your brand. Customers very often make a purchase decision guided by emotions. In most cases, they do not double-check the information about a product, service, or brand they see on social networks. The main reason for choosing a specific service, product, or brand is a large number of subscribers and likes. This is typical for the B2C segment.

In the B2B segment, we see other reasons for choosing a certain company. Is it profitable? Does it help to increase B2B lead generation? These are the main things businesses are looking for when they make the decision to cooperate with another enterprise or brand. Only real proof of success can persuade business owners to notice certain social media pages. Thus, if you want to be interesting as a business partner, you have to fill your social networks with statistics and facts.

Community Management in Social Networks

If you are looking for the best social media to increase B2B leads, we recommend LinkedIn. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can be used as resources where you can post information about your brand, activities, and main goals.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have established themselves as quite successful platforms for increasing sales in the B2C segment because are based on entertaining content. Their subscribers are looking to relax, exchange information, and join groups that correspond to their interests. LinkedIn, meanwhile, was created for professional interactions. Thus, it remains the best social network for companies looking to cooperate with other companies. Community management needs to take the differences between these platforms into consideration, including both the content and the way it is presented.

Different Objectives

B2B and B2C companies have different objectives on social media. Thus, the social media managers have to take into account the main characteristics of the company, its target audience, and the type of platform.

Most B2B clients are regulars. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram only help to find new target audiences. The B2C segment is less predictable. Companies have to pay if they want to continually acquire new customers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram directly expand their ability to get new leads.

For B2B companies, business leads are more important than the attractiveness of their content in social networks. LinkedIn is the most suitable channel for the B2B segment because it shows companies’ advantages, working strategies, and effective solutions.

One of the most effective ways to increase leads is B2B appointment setting. It helps to save time and money otherwise spent on purposeless transactions. Experienced enterprises transfer the function of appointment settings to outsourcers.

A way to cut down the time spent on acquiring B2B leads is using the services of a B2B generation agency.

B2B Generation Agency

The best way to get fast and fruitful results is interacting with B2B generation agencies. They already know the differences between promotion in social media for B2B and B2C.

The main goal of B2B is profit. In this case, one company (seller) wants to sell something that can make a profit for another company (buyer). In this respect, B2B generation agencies offer certain benefits to business owners. These agencies:

  • help to find access to new markets;
  • implement the best practices of data analytics;
  • provide support during product deployment;
  • can share the necessary experience in your field of business;
  • ensure efficient implementation of omnichannel lead generation campaigns.

Although B2B generation agencies have established themselves as a reliable service, many companies continue to refuse their experience. There are a few common reasons for that. Business owners are afraid of losing control of their sales processes. They are not sure about a B2B lead generation company’s ability to effectively represent their brand and provide high-quality customer service.

These concerns are understandable but in most cases unfounded. The work of B2B lead generation companies is aimed at:

  • increasing your income;
  • discovering new opportunities;
  • using the latest marketing strategies;
  • maximizing your company’s potential;
  • providing constant monitoring and verification of performance results.

Nowadays one of the best working tools for increasing lead generation is emails. Sometimes emails don’t reach the recipient or end up in their spam folder. This, of course, reduces their effectiveness. Don’t worry: we have found the solution. The iAI-based platform Folderly can help you increase:

  • email deliverability;
  • reply rates;
  • click rate.

Working with Folderly, you can be sure that your emails are delivered in time and to the correct address.

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