How Travel Advisors Can Conquer the Social Media Game

As the world becomes more and more connected through various online platforms, businesses of all shapes and sizes attempt to stay up to date with the latest platforms. While a social media presence is almost always a way to drive sales, each company’s tactic may be different – what works for one may not work for all.

No matter what type of clientele they have, travel agencies are almost sure to gain new business from having an online presence.

The social media game can be a bit overwhelming, though, especially if it’s new to you. Here are a few tips to try implementing on your own accounts.

Stay Consistent

Ever heard the phrase consistency is key? It’s almost always true, and especially when it comes to social media. If prospective clients pay your Facebook page a visit, and the last post is from August of 2020, they may very well move along to another, more interactive agency to pursue working with. Even if it’s not every day, try to ensure posts are being done regularly, whether it’s weekly or at the very least, a few times each month.

Know Your Audience

This may take a while to figure out, but knowing your audience will help you realize the type of content you should be posting. They’ll let you know what they are interested in based on their engagement. Are your followers interested in the latest deals? Are they more receptive to destination knowledge? Or maybe they’d like to see where you’ve been lately.

Share Personal Travel

Speaking of where you’ve been lately, potential customers are almost always interested in seeing where you have traveled to. They want to know that you have firsthand knowledge of the resorts, cruise ships and destinations you’re sending them to. Plus, it’s fun to share your personal trips and an easy way to engage with followers.

Less Is More

With new social media outlets popping up left and right, it’s hard to know which ones to stay up to date with. Spreading yourself across the board may not be the correct route to go though. Choose two to three sites that work best for you and focus your time and energy there. You can always expand in the future as you gain the time and resources to do so.

Hire a Social Media Specialist

Your specialty is selling travel. For many people, their specialty is successfully running social media channels. If your marketing budget allows for it, consider hiring a social media specialist to take over in this department. Even someone working part-time in this area may be able to make a big impact on your online presence. This frees up time for you to focus on the parts of your job you enjoy doing best.

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