GuardianLink Announces Partnership with BeyondLife.Club, launching Amitabh Bachchan’s first-ever NFT Collection

NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens are artforms residing on the Blockchain with immutable records to showcase provenance. Celebrities, Sports Persons, and Influencers are creating NFTs that their fanbase can collect and treasure. GuardianLink offers a No-Code NFT creating and selling platform, kind of like Shopify for NFTs, which can also be branded for their specific fanbase.It incorporates state-of-the-art technology to ensure a secure and world-class space for the creators.

GuardianLink’s Legitimacy protocol ensures the authenticity of the NFTs curated by the creators and also their Anti-Rip AI SPYDER Technology allows NFTs to be monitored across the web for duplicates, rip-offs, and copycats that can damage the authenticity and impact the auction. NFT assets can now be easily protected by collectors and creators with the help of Guardian’s AI technology. Also, the platform’s wallet cipher observes the creator’s and collector’s wallet addresses to assure no manipulation in the price of the NFTs. Based on their activity, a trust score will be defined for their wallets. This ensures the legitimacy of the bidding process.

GuardianLink is a face of intensive work methodologies, technological experts on the table, and a team of 350 crypto avengers that has developed since 2016. Their research and development belong to the arena of blockchain technology and its business on a global scale. Leading from the front, Keyur Patel, the Co-Founder and Chairman of GuardianLink, Ramkumar Subramaniam, 29, Co-Founder & CEO helming the project to democratize NFT commerce with astounding technology partnerships and insight of future trends. Arjun Reddy (Co-Founder & CTO), the mastermind behind many blockchain products and has this intuitive vision to bring DTL in real-world use cases, Kamesh Elangovan (Co-Founder & COO), a crypto expert who executed 50+ token launches. This blockchain-driven entity aims at protecting the NFTs using their Anti-Rip AI Engine and also to ensure royalties for creators across various marketplaces and blockchains.

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