Germantown school administrator’s file shows she was disciplined prior to recent social media post

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — The personnel file for a reassigned Germantown schools administrator showed she had been disciplined twice prior to the most recent incident.

According to her file, which WREG obtained through an open record request, Janna Matykiewicz had previously violated policy by posting private personnel matters on social media.

“Despite being reprimanded earlier this month, you have once again disclosed a personnel matter on social media. It is hard for me to understand the reason for this continued insubordination,” Superintendent Jason Manuel wrote in an October 2020 letter.

Records showed she was suspended without pay for two days for the personnel incidents.

The former assistant principal got in trouble again in August for a Facebook post comparing proof of vaccination cards to yellow stars Nazis forced Jews to wearing during World War II.

The district removed Matykiewicz from her role as assistant principal and reassigned her to the role of homebound teacher.

The reassignment caused her salary to decrease from about $79,500 to $66,500, according to contract records in the file. But GMSD is giving her the chance to make up the lost money and earn a $14,000 stipend by taking on extra duties like elementary COVID contact tracing and “TN All Corp” administrative tasks.

Memphis-area Jewish community leaders have told WREG they are still concerned about a “pattern” of anti-Semitic issues within GMSD. For example, they cited a history teacher who commented in support of the post. GMSD did not respond to WREG’s inquiries regarding that teacher’s status.

Jewish leaders also said they have offered to work with the district on more education for staff.

As of Friday afternoon, Rabbi Sarit Horwitz of Beth Sholom Synagogue said she’d emailed with Superintendent Manuel regarding the potential training.

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