DCPL, Girls Inc. to offer social media literacy program for teens

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The Daviess County Public Library and Girls Inc. have joined forces to offer a social media literacy program for teenagers from 12-14 years old. Titled “Take Another Look: Media Literacy for Middle Schoolers,” the event focuses on teaching youth how to identify what’s real and what’s fake in the world of social media. 

Ashley Agada, campus manager at Girls Inc., is the primary presenter. The event is slated for Aug. 30 at the DCPL Public Lounge and features dinner for all those in attendance. 

DCPL Teen Programming Coordinator Sarah Jacobs hopes that teens come away from the program with the ability to analyze media messages and push back against harmful stereotypes critically. 

“I hope that attendees will come away from this program with a greater awareness of the ways that media messages can influence the way we think about ourselves and the world around us,” she said. “Media — especially social media — is a powerful influence in the lives of teens. This influence can be a force of good, but it can also be used to spread information and harmful stereotypes.”

Girls Inc. has been a regular partner with the library for over a year now. Agada has also delivered programs for teens that span various topics, such as healthy eating to finding a job. 

Registration to the event is not required, and questions can be directed to Jacobs at 270-684-0211, ext. 248.



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