Cheryl Tweedy Makes A Return To Social Media To Promote Multivitamin

Cheryl Tweedy, former Girls Aloud star, has just returned to the social media scene spotting a healthy glow. The 38-year-old singer looked so dazzling as she raved on about Feel, a vitamins company that sells nutrition, health, and beauty products.

She posted some stories on her Instagram page to promote the company as she gave personal reviews about the benefits of taking their nutritional supplements, encouraging fans to do the same.

This is one of the few times she has graced her fans with her gorgeous face this year, as her appearance on social media is few and far between. Although fans were probably expecting to get a sneak peek into any new music project of hers. Instead, they got an answer to a question that might have been going through their minds since they last saw her. What is the secret to Cheryl’s fresh-faced glow?

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Cheryl’s Secret

Some months ago, fans would recall that the mother-of-one disclosed that she is the face of the company, Feel, and has been the star act in all their advertising and social media campaigns in the months since.

Then on Tuesday, she revealed to her over three million Instagram followers the great feedback she has gotten after she started taking and using the products.

“My skin, my hair, everything has improved tenfold and I’ve been getting lots of compliments, which is nice.”

“Now, I’m not… I can’t reel off 32 ingredients, but I can tell you: it works. It really, really works. So, yeah. The Biotin. Selenium, Iron… I mean, it’s all really scientifically proven to help your skin and your hair. And the science is there if you want to look into it.” She continued.

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She went on to explain extra tidbits of the product to her clamoring fans and advised them on why she thinks they should give it a trial. “So, yeah. The answer to the ‘does the multivitamin really work for hair health?’ Absolutely! And you won’t know until you try for yourself. I promise you; you can thank me later.”

She further added a caption saying; “Healthier hair with feel vitamins” followed by a red heart emoji, then concluded her speech with words of advice to her fans. With all this, it is safe to assume that the secret to Cheryl’s fresh-faced glow is Feel’s multivitamins. Perhaps it would be great if fans popped some for themselves!

More On The Feel Company

Feel is a brand “focused on exceptional quality at a price that everyone can afford, this is incredibly important, as it is putting better health and wellbeing within reach for people everywhere.” a report by Daily Mail suggested.

The company whose headquarter is based in London, United Kingdom, produces products that promise tons of nutritional benefits. Clearly written on a section of their webpage are several reviews from customers who are users of the products.

“Fantastic service and product. Use them for subscriptions for both myself and my daughter and we see and feel a difference in our overall well-being, skin and energy levels. Wouldn’t use anything else now,” said a customer named Melanie McGrath.

Another user raved on saying, “In Dec 2020 l started taking Feel multivitamins. I had never been able to grow my fingernails beyond the tips of my fingers, but at the age of 80 I now have strong nails and thicker hair that hold my hairstyle also a first for me, so thank you.”

The company assures customers that any product they purchase would be delivered directly to them. Each pack contains 60 capsules, with two of the capsules to be taken per day and this would keep users covered for 30 days. The products are also budget-friendly, and they even offer easy, and free cancellations anytime. This product already sounds promising. Guess people would have to try it out to see

Music Hiatus

Though fans were gushing over the star’s incredible look in the comment section of her post, many more were bothered about whether she will release new music to quench their burning appetite and desires.

“I’m waiting for Your new music!” one follower earnestly pleaded.

Whether Cheryl has a new music project in the works or not, is yet to be revealed, however, fans should expect to see her perform at the Mighty Hoopla, a UK pop festival, which is scheduled to take place at the start of September this year.

It will mark Cheryl’s first appearance on a musical stage since her last release three years ago. Fans are curious to hear when the “Call My Name” singer would release her next hit but it seems she has stepped back to truly embrace her role as the face of Feel. Best of Luck! Cheryl

Cheryl’s Private Life

The last time we saw Cheryl was in June this year after a self-imposed absence from all social media platforms.

The former X Factor judge posted a smiley picture in a white blouse alongside the caption; “We back and all covid tested.”

The pop star mostly avoids the public scene and sparingly posts online. Liam Payne, her ex and father of her only child Bear, recently disclosed her reclusive behavior on a podcast, The Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett.

When asked whether he would support Bear to contest in a singing show like The “X-Factor,” Liam replied: “This is a tricky one. I think his mum hopes he’s going to be this yoga person. His mum is very chilled these days.”

Hopefully, we would get to see more of Cheryl via her ambassador role with Feel.

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