Central Ohio 9-year-old wins and laughs at viral social media posts

Columbus (WCMH) – Ohio’s 4th grader has gained thousands of fans on social media for his precocious jokes on his recent flight departing from Columbus.

“I was a little nervous, but I was very excited because I love making new friends,” said 9-year-old Shoni about his family trip to Florida this month.

Shoni’s parents say she wasn’t shy about the conversation, but was sitting next to Katy Heartwig, a digital media specialist at John Glenn International Airport, who happened to fly to Tampa to visit her family.

“It was a complete flight, and she and her mom were sitting next to me,” Hartwig said.

Shoni added, “I said,’I’m going to talk to you randomly, so get ready, okay?’”

Hartwig included the first exchange in his tweet and then updated the Twitter thread with some notable citations and findings. She initially speculated that the girl was six years old, but it became clear after the two discussed Shoni’s age and the grade to enter soon.

One tweet said, “Mr. Katie, do you know what everyone should do when they fly? Thanks to the Wright brothers.”

“‘We’re down,’” said Shawi. “She meant we would land, but the woman in front of us what she meant. I don’t think I knew. “

The conversation continued during the flight before new friends headed to their respective destinations.

“It didn’t really explode until the next day,” Hartwig explained about the overnight popularity of Twitter threads.

A week later, I got hundreds of comments, tens of thousands of retweets, and hundreds of thousands of likes. The Viral Post quickly caught the attention of Southwest Airlines, and the company surprised Shoni back in central Ohio in coordination with a Columbus-based gate crew.

“I didn’t know I was famous until I went to the baggage claim,” Shoni said.

The crew created a sign with some of Shoni’s notable quotes, and Hartwig greeted his family at the baggage claim, explaining how a nine-year-old kid created an internet sensation.

By Tuesday, the Twitter thread had more than 36,000 retweets.

“”[It’s] “I’m funny,” Shoni confidently talked about her viral conversation.

Heartwig took the plunge and said: It was positive. And I think people were looking for something like that and kept sharing it. “

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