Beagles Take Centre Stage on Social Media in Wake of Hurricane Larry

One breed of dog is stealing the show on social media following Hurricane Larry – beagles

Many posts popped up over the weekend surrounding how man’s four-legged friends handled the hurricane.

A caller to the VOCM Newsroom reported a harrowing situation, as her 14-year-old deaf beagle, Deuce, had been missing all night in St. John’s during the storm. A few hours later, the caller reported that Deuce had been located, none worse for wear.

In Witless Bay, a post on social media the morning after Larry depicted the roof of the fish plant, with the addition of eight extra legs. According to locals, two beagles had climbed stairs used for construction to make their way onto the roof, but were too scared to get down. The pups prompted many a joke on social media about the high winds of Hurricane Larry. The beagles were returned to their home, safe and sound.

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