7 tips on showcasing your great company culture on LinkedIn

If you were a client or a candidate, would you want to work with your company based on its LinkedIn page?

Chances are, your LinkedIn page is missing the mark when it comes to accurately portraying what a great company you have. It might not even speak to who you help and how you help them. It might not be reflecting what an amazing culture you have. And that’s a problem.

It should be no surprise that most buyers are likely going to research your company online before making their buying decision. Not only that but with “the great resignation,” according to one study, 41% of employees are considering leaving their current job.

You’ll have to take steps to appeal to your potential buyers and either keep your current employees or attract new employees quickly.

So, what can you do?

It’s likely that you do not control your company page on LinkedIn. In that case, share this article with your marketing team. If you do have access, start making the most of the free features your page affords.

1. Create a banner that is branded to your website and other social platforms. Make sure it actually fits the page on desktop and mobile. Be sure to verify LinkedIn’s latest size guidelines. You might make a version that fits personal pages and share them with your employees, too.

2. Combine your tagline and call to action (CTA) button to create a cohesive message. Our tagline is “Virtual Selling Skills Training and Technology for Today’s Modern Sales Rep. Click the Learn More Button Now.” The “learn more” button directs them to one of our free e-books.

3. When it comes to posting on your page, don’t just add job listings. Think about how you can use posts, videos, infographics, and documents to really showcase your company and its culture. And by that, I don’t mean just your products or services. Or even free webinars and blog posts. Create some graphics with quotations from industry influencers, famous people, your own company’s leadership, and your employees. Upload and share videos from your company’s latest altruistic endeavor. Share case studies from happy clients and testimonials from both clients and employees. Focus on your audience. What are their needs? Can you share a podcast or blog post that can help? Excellent—do it. And make sure you are sharing content every day.

4. Do you have an “about us” video? A message from the CEO? Pin it to the top of your page so everyone who comes to your page can see it.

5. Apply for LinkedIn Live. LinkedIn Live is a great livestreaming platform to showcase your expertise, your employees, your clients, and other subject matter experts. Every week we bring on special guests or share important industry news or interview our clients. We do this to showcase who we are, what we do, and how we help.

6. Increase employee engagement with LinkedIn’s “My Company” tab. If your company has more than 200 employees, you can use this feature to share organic posts and curated content created by your marketing team for your employees. By going to the recommended articles and clicking on “share,” your employees can share content (vetted and spell-checked) with relevant attached media (@mentions, #hashtages, and visuals) to their own networks. There are company culture features that support the celebration of work anniversaries and new hires. Employees can also support each other by engaging with trending LinkedIn posts from their co-workers.

7. Your company’s LinkedIn page is not a one-and-done project. Continue to update your banners and videos to reflect new initiatives. Post daily and make sure to add lots of relevant content for your employees to share. And if you do have access to the page and its analytics, make sure to keep an eye on your insights and do more of what works.

LinkedIn company pages can be an amazing resource for your company and your brand—if you know how to make use of them. Remember to keep your page audience-centric. What can you do to make their lives better? If you apply the strategies above, you’ll be on your way to showcasing a culture that others want to work with.

Viveka Von Rosen is Co-Founder and Chief Visibility Officer of Vengreso.com. Helping B2B Sales Leaders and Teams Prospect Better and Sell More.

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